Case Study: Abbott

Abbott Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest pharmacy across the globe. Mobiquest has been closely working/giving new dimension to the Pharma industry. Abbott India has a strength of 5000 medical representatives in various divisions like True Connect , Injectible Task Force(ITF) and TCS division.

Abbott India has been awarded as “Winner of Best Product rollout & successful implementation award, Abbott Global”

We, as a team had to traverse though a difficult roadmap challenging different geographic zones with fluctuating network connectivity, facing diverse kinds of handsets and managing huge data on the handset, thus shaping up a unique product.

Today, mobiPharma is not only a SFA but a complete CRM built on both mobile and web. It meets current industry standards and is completely built on JAVA platform with Oracle 10g as backend.

The entire product has been categorized into 3 segments: •Admin Panel •Mobile /Web Reporting Panel •Hierarchical generation of Reports Admin Panel: We give complete control in the customer’s hands in terms of masters management. Management of employees/doctors/retailers/products and gifts is just a finger tip away. Mobile Reporting/Web reporting: The reporting segment basically created on mobile is replicated on web. Doctors and retailers are divided into zones and each rep is mapped to the same on the basis of pre-defined day-wise patch. Rep can do his complete reporting from the field-mention JFW, his visit time, define which products he prescribed, monitor true-connect product demand to competitor demand, gifts distributed. At the end of the day he may give how many Kms he traveled and give an account of day to day expense he owes to the company. Rep also has the ability to report if he is on a meeting, review, training or is on leave on a particular day. Reports: The live reporting can easily be tracked on web based on a series of reports. These reports are available hierarchy wise based on zones/divisions/position of employees in the companies.