Mobile Loyalty Cards for Shoppers

Plastic cards are a thing of the past. Mobile phone is taking over every aspect of your life. Retailers are now taking customer loyalty to a new level and constant customer engagement is the key focus. Consumers mobile phone can play a huge role in creating a highly interactive and engaging customer loyalty program.


Brands like Taylormade, IFB, Carzonrent, Mochi and malls like Delhi’s Citywalk are moving from the traditional plastic card loyalty programs to m’loyal and issuing mobile loyalty cards to their loyal customers.

m’loyal, the leading mobile loyalty platform in the country is changing the way a brand interacts with its family of loyal customers. Gone are the days of filling forms, data entry and long queues for customer registration. Gone are the days of plastic cards, m’loyal registers a customer anywhere, call center, website, kiosk, counter or at the store instantly and the consumer gets a branded Mobile Loyalty Card as her brand identity. This can then be used to earn and burn points.

According to CEO, Vineet Narang, “paper flight tickets have disappeared and consumers are now carrying the PNR on their mobile, same is happening with movie tickets and should soon happen to parking tickets. With every potential consumer carrying a mobile phone, it seems to be perfect replacement for a plastic card.”

The ease and innovation of m’loyal does not stop here. Brands are now issuing unique mobile vouchers. The old ways of issuing paper based gift vouchers has given way to unique identifiable mobile gift vouchers. Based on spend and consumer purchase history, the system automatically identifies the consumer and sends the relevant voucher. The store system is able to recognize the validity of the voucher and also the consumer. Each transaction is tracked and gives way to smart analytics.

Retailers are now introducing schemes and incentives for franchisees and store executives to help increase customer registrations. Consumers get to track their points and redemptions using SMS and also come to know of relevant schemes based on their interest area.

According to COO, Sabina Kamal, our reports, analytics and consumer activity tracking is a huge benefit. m’loyal can help analyze customer behavior, keep track of store activity and help consumers keep track of their points and redemptions all over a simple SMS.”

In an era of changing consumer lifestyles, increasing demands and an always connected consumer, mobile loyalty could be an ideal change tool to bridge the gap between the brand and consumer. 

About m’loyal: 
The m’loyal Platform allows you to create mobile sales force automation solutions like mobile coupons, loyalty card, and advertising and research tools for efficient customer relationship management. It helps improve the efficiency of your sales force..

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