MobiQuest gets Award for Sectoral Excellence in Telecom

Enterprise VAS is fast becoming a key focus area for Telecom operators, mobile phone manufacturers and ISVs. Demand from corporate world is increasing as more and more companies realize the benefit of using the ubiquitous mobile phone to automate their field / supply chain operations.


Noida based MobiQuest is a key player in the enterprise mobility segment. The company has strong partnerships with operators, manufacturers. The company with operations in Noida and Bangalore specifically focuses on the enterprise segment for its products.

MobiQuest Mobile Technologies was awarded the prestigious Amity Global Leadership Award 2009 on September 19, at the Global Leadership Summit held at Amity, Noida.

The award was presented to MobiQuest CEO, Mr. Vineet Narang for Sectoral excellence in Telecom. The company has been a pioneer in enterprise mobility and has 6 mobile automation products in the market and over 50 industry specific mobile solutions.

MobiQuest products are highly innovative and have been instrumental in resolving last mile and field force challenges of Retail, Logistics, Pharma, BFSI and Media industries. MobiQuest Co-founders, CEO, Vineet Narang and COO, Sabina Kamal were at the function to receive the award.

According to Narang, “innovation has been a key driver at MobiQuest. Our teams are passionate and excited about working in this new domain of enterprise mobility. We have a perfect mix of experience and young talent that keeps us moving. The team has created some path breaking products and we are seeing a wow response from Indian organizations.”

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