MobiQuest Launches M’Apps Platform – On Demand Enterprise Mobile App Creator

MobiQuest, the leading mobile enterprise apps company based out of Noida, announced the launch of M’Apps platform. M’Apps automates last mile data capture using mobile devices.


Mobile applications industry has been witnessing slow growth due to non-standard device operating systems, time to create and initial capital expenditure on devices.

M’apps can create an application instantly and it can churn out flavors for different phones. An Enterprise can automate any last mile data capture and load it on the existing mobile phones of their employees. This would drastically cut time of development and increase efficiencies by more than 100 percent.

M’Apps platform has a 3 tier architecture. It has an interface to create apps, manage devices / users and a mobile interface to capture data. This is backed by a sophisticated reports interface to analyze and import data collected from the field.

MobiQuest has deployed last mile data capture apps for customers like Edelweiss, Nicholas Piramal, Onida, Citywalk and many more.

M’Apps has a template for Market research, Pharma, Healthcare, Telecom, BFSI and Education industry.

About MobiQuest
MobiQuest Mobile Technologies is a Noida based mobile Enterprise Process Automation Company. The company uses the SAAS model to provide the customers with mobile based enterprise business automation applications. The company has created more than 600 mobile applications across many Industries. Some of our products are: MobiResearch, MobiInsure, MobiData, MobiAssess, MobiBank, MobiTest, MobiEvaluate, MobiOpinion, MobiRegister, MobiVerfiy, MobiHire, MobiConnect and more.

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