Noida Firm Helps India Inc Find Loyalty

Apart from enabling cos do focused marketing, M’loyal platform could Complement Trai’s initiative to cut down on pesky SMS’s in future.

When the whole world is going mobile they why shouldn’t your loyalty cards? To lighten the weight of your purse full with colourful loyalty cards by transferring its benefits to your mobile, a Noida-base Software Company, Mobiquest’ has designed m’loyal platform.

The platform uses the power of mobile apps; web platform and offline connect to drive loyalty and customer engagement initiatives. With this, plastic cards as they’ll be carrying their loyalty cards in their mobile. A Simple mobile phone will carry the information of all loyalty cards.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has already capped the per-day SMS transmit to 200. This platform is helping brands to use their SMSing capacity to the fullest by knowing whom to communicate. It could also complement Trai’s initiative in the future in reducing pesky SMS’s.

Many Companies and Brands are using this platform to reach out to their customer’s Be it retail chains, airlines, healthcare or hospitality, you name it, they have it. “Leading brands like Gini and Jony, VLCC, Forever New, Mochi, Taylor Made, Adidas, Dominos, and many others have adopted digital and social media to engage consumer’s said Vineet Narang, chief executive officer, Mobiquest. M’loyal is helping these brands in engaging with their end-customers directly instead of using the telemarketing route, which resulted in bulk blasts to unknown consumers wasting precious time and money.”

Mr. Anil Lakhani, ED Gini and Jony said, “M’loyal platform is helping us in customer acquisition, retention and engagement, customer behavior and hence going for a more targeted marketing rather than bulk blasts to unknown consumer’s It has enabled focused communications to a set of customer’s rather than blanket messages to all. We are also able to track the repeat purchases by a customer. Since M’loyal has come on board our total base of members has increase by 50 percent. Golf equipment company, Taylormade, has been using this platform for over two years now. M’Loyalty platform is a great idea, which has been practically successful in its objectives of customer acquisition, retention and engagement,” said Ateet Gaur, marketing head of Taylormade.

“it has helped us to analyse customer behavior, preferences and today we have launched our special Taylormade loyalty club campaign- I am a Golfer”- for our upcoming retail stores.

M’loyalty solution lets enterprises capture customer information, take their photos, get signature and within three minutes create a dynamic photo-based customer privilege card integrated with a mobile phone.

Each card has its own unique ID tagged to the photo and signature for recognition and redemption of points . if updates the points in real time customers can also check their loyalty points whenever they want.

“Indian retail industry is fast adopting technology to scale up operations and under stand the consumer. With mobile penetration increasing every day, mobile phone is an ideal tool for such marketing exercise. Acquiring customer information and tracking purchase behavior is key to the growth of a retail brand.” Said, Vineet Narang of MobiQuest.

“M’loyal, allows brands to build a database of most relevant and visiting customers , tag  each customer bill to identify, track and measure customer pulse. He said M’loyal platform to date has a database of five million customers.

It has made marketing initiatives much sharper and focused by eliminating intermediaries which helps improve a brand’s service quality.

One of the up market malls, SelectCity Walk, has been using the platform for quite since two years  and has been able to track a rise of 60 person in its customer’s base annually.

“It not easy to keep  a tab on footfalls. M’loyal has changed my viewpoint. It has helped  us in effective daily customer engagement and we are now able  to have  real-time knowledge about our customer  and virtually  their entire shopping profile and buying behavior. With this applicant we don’t tag bills but customers literally.  “ said Yogesh Sharma, marketing head. SelectCity Walk.

Baskin Robins, the ice cream brand, is also slurping up the benefits; it recently launched its loyalty pilot programme in a few cities. Mr. Ashwin Uppal, general manager for marketing in south Asia said, “ We were able  to see potential merits in it. With this, we will not only have high customer retention but also able to spread out our customer base via word of mouth”

According to Sabina Kamal, COO of Mobi Quest, “Coupon redemption figures have seen a huge jump. Some of the brands in our network are seeing 25-30 percent redemption rates. Retail brands have reailsed the potential of this tool so as the end consumer s. So, we foresee an exponential growth.” She added, In Indian Market since past year—– In almost all verticals be its banks’ logistics, education, healthcare and other’s – everyone is eager to adopt and move ahead with enterprises mobile solution .
This is because mobiles are everywehere and have the potential to give access to remote areas and customers .”

Enterprises mobile apps have come in the forefront in last few years with lot of investments being  poured  in by lots of VAS firms  like Moblen Technologies, netexcell and others. For telecom operators too, who  have been  in search of newer avenues of revenue, are looking to such added services as high valued  services  and possessing  the potential  to take on the entertainment VAS.

The latest innovation being experienced by MobiQuest is MobiBank, a tool for banks to reach customer’s is remote areas, “It will empower the field sales force to capture consumer information on mobile phones and update real time data at head office. It will help banks to expedite eligibility screening and further processes. “Mr Narang Said.

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