VLCC Launches Mobile Loyalty Program Way of Life

Loyalty Programs have been a key marketing strategy for brands in across the globe. From punched cards to buy 1 get 1 free offers and frequent flier programs, brands have used many tactics to increase repeat purchase and their loyal customer base.


Although schemes, discounts and offers are in plenty available in the market, private loyalty programs of brands are far -fetched and rare. Out of various reasons, one of it could be the cost associated with running a plastic card based loyalty program coupled with logistics & back-office management issues. Capturing customer details and reaching out to them with targeted campaigns is key to running a successful loyalty program. Traditional loyalty programs use physical mailers or event based communication that makes engagement tougher and costly.
VLCC, the leading Health & SPA Company launched its own customer loyalty program, WOL (Way of Life) for its customers. The company is highly customer focused and follows as reward based customer engagement strategy. The company has deployed m’loyal mobile loyalty platform for customer acquisition, retention and engagement across their centers.

Mobile Loyalty Program allows you get rid of paper registration forms, plastic cards and hassles of distribution of cards to consumers. The customer experience is much better. They do not need to search for cards at the time of purchase. m’loyal also sends branded interactive mobile card to customers mobile phone. Loyalty card on the mobile creates strong recall and enhance ease of usage for the customers.
Mobile coupon offers further enhance the engagement as they help send targeted offers to all loyal customers and actually track redemptions. m’loyal provides social media connectors that help capture prospects from Facebook and track conversions at the billing system in stores. These strategies help increase acquisitions and repeat purchase by the customers.

Indian consumer is now waking up to choices and is looking for service and recognition. Creating a rewards ecosystem that provides enhance service levels, better offers, sale previews and much more can attract consumers to buy more from a specific brand. Mobile Loyalty Platforms & Digital Media are helping brands get closer to their prospects and customers.

About m’loyal: 
The m’loyal Platform allows you to create mobile sales force automation solutions like mobile coupons, loyalty card, and advertising and research tools for efficient customer relationship management. It helps improve the efficiency of your sales force.

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