Customer Engagement Cloud [CEC]™

ROI & Real Time one-2-one Campaign Management

Communication is key to engagement. There is a visible issue with the current way of brand consumer interaction. The challenge for brands is that Consumers are all over the place on social, local stores, online and mobile. The challenge for consumers is that with increase in choice, consumer brand loyalty is decreasing

The only convergent media platform

The solution is one-one targeted marketing. Understand consumer behavior, product preference, quantitative and subjective factors to define the right communication for all types of consumers.

M’loyal™ campaign manager is a robust platform to help you dice / slice your data online real time through self service screens. The platform gives you option to define any criteria and zillion permutation / combinations to identify accurate customer clusters. This helps do just the right campaigns to the right customer at the right time to invoke much higher ROI.

M’loyal™ comes with inbuilt SMS gateway, email engine, mobile coupon engine and ready-made tested templates to use for brand campaigns. Each campaign done can be tracked and measured for ROI in real time.