February 13, 2019

Increasing activity in the Indian Retail Sector is invoking brands to take note of customer preferences and build their own loyal customer base. Indian consumer is becoming savvy, is conscious about his preferences and is ever more demanding.

Brands are willing to go that extra mile to acquire new customers and to retain, engage their existing customers. Marketers want to know the customer, track customer behavior and manage customer expectations by giving targeted offers.

This trend is picking up in the Indian market and more and more brands today want to create and manage their own Loyalty Programs. Innovation is the key in a mass consumer market like India.

Consumer spends are on the rise and each brands desires their fair share of the consumer wallet. Consumer wallets can carry only those many plastic loyalty cards. Brands have now opted for Mobile Loyalty Platforms like m’loyal. A mobile loyalty card is quick to create, easy to distribute, does not fill the consumer wallet and avoid all your card creation & back-office management costs. With Mobile phones being in the hands of majority of our buying population, mobile phones can be the best loyalty cards, coupons and customer’s unique identification ID.

Leading player in this space, m’loyal today has 53+ brands live on the platform. It has been in existence for 2 years. “We have seen the market change from concept to necessity, says Vineet Narang, CEO MobiQuest. The company owns two leading platforms in the country, m’apps – Last Mile Data Capture Platform using Mobile Devices and m’loyal, Mobile Loyalty Platform.

Mobile Loyalty Platform helps you acquire customers at your store, in the mall, from your Facebook and Website. It integrates tightly with billing system to track each bill cut, thus giving full benefit to the consumer and key insights / analytics to the brand. Brands can today track consumer purchase, repeat purchase, frequency of visit, items purchased and much more. They can track and monitor their stores and incentivize store staff to make more members and hence create an ecosystem, where your loyal members contribute a large part of the total revenue.

Mobile Loyalty Platform, Mobile cards, mobile coupons are here to stay and would become a way of life for the new generation.

About m’loyal
The m’loyal Platform allows you to create mobile sales force automation solutions like mobile coupons, loyalty card, and advertising and research tools for efficient customer relationship management. It helps improve the efficiency of your sales force..

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