March 22, 2019

M’loyal Drives high ROI for Retail Brands

M’ loyal, the leading player in the mobile loyalty and data analytics space is mining huge data loads for Retail Brands in India.

Retail consumer analytics is a key driver of marketing budgets in the US.
Instant offers based on real time data capture can uplift sales, while saving on costs of random marketing communication.

M’loyal today manages loyalty and Analytics for more than 180 brands, across 65 mn consumers and clocks more than Rs 2000 crore worth of transactions annually.

Tagging each customer at the POS (Point of Sale), allows the analytics engine to understand vital behaviour of the customer. Dicing / slicing this rich customer purchase data helps create specific Clusters. Sending out campaigns to this segmented base drives up ROI tremendously.

Consumer preferences are changing and brands needs to create stickiness, focus on driving repeat and referral. Customer data is all over the place and touch points are ever increasing. According to Chandra Shekhar, Vice President, CRM, “every brand needs to map the customer life cycle, identify the ideal loyal customer and plan communication to move every customer cluster bit by bit towards the ideal group.”

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