BIG Data Acquisition

Paytm m’Loyal™ is an omni-channel acquisition platform. It enables a brand to open and hook all possible channels for new customer acquisition.  Customer touch points are exploding and one of the key challenge for any brand manager is to be present at the right time and right place to capture all prospects. Paytm m’Loyal™ hooks your complete ecosystem across social, mobile, web, offline and traditional media to help acquire, track customers and convert them into real shoppers.

Paytm m’Loyal™ is today compliant / connected and has hooks for the following available touch points:


  • POS – Connects with your point of sale billing counter to capture customers
  • Social – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Mobile – Brand Mobile App, Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store, BlackBerry World, Mobile Advertising ecosystems based on target audience definition
  • Local – Capture roaming customer using short code, QR code, wifi tracking, NFC enabled devices, Ipad capture
  • Web – All available e-commerce engines
  • Content Marketing – Acquire customers using Blogs, Newsletters, Articles, Press Releases, SEO and more
  • Offline Advertising – Tag and track ad response using specific keywords on shortcode, QR Code, landing pages
  • Online / Mobile Advertising – Tag / Track Google Adwords / FB Ads /  Mobile Ads / Internet Portal Ads using strong targeting and connected landing page design
  • Location Specific  Acquisition – Pincode / GPS Tracking
  • Cross Promo Based Tie-ups for Acquisition – Brand Partners with complimentary services and similar target audience
  • Targeted Area Specific Campaigns – SMS / Email Campaigns

Paytm m’Loyal™ continues to scout for available consumer ecosystems for each market and integrates with them to give more acquisition options to brands.