Data Analytics Manager [DAM]™

Real Time Data Analytics & Clustering

Data is the oil of the new economy. Loyalty programs are the price you pay for capturing valuable billing and consumer data and you earn profits from careful mining of your POS data.

Tagging billing data to each specific consumer gives you access to great insights into consumer buying behavior. Once analyzed, this can help create strong predictive models to drive much higher purchase / repeat for your business.

Analyse consumer buying behaviour

m’loyal™ real time data analytics engine directly connects with your POS and tags customers to billing data. It helps you capture all possible data – demographics, billing data with purchase values, discounts, SKU level data, day and time data with location all, tagged to the mobile number which is the unique identifier of the consumer.

Multi-level views to Track & Measure Business Performance

m’loyal™ engine focuses on providing deep analytics in various permutations & combinations to get to understand and create trends of your consumer behaviour. The Multi-level views is to Track & Measure the Business Channel Performance.

Data mining would define the future of our business in the coming years. With consumer choices exploding and his omni- channel usage, analytics would define store locations, product category innovation and above all direction / channel and theme of all marketing campaigns.

Key Features

Automated / Dynamic Daily Views

Get Daily analytics on program performance and opportunity loss in your inbox to help take corrective actions and drive much higher ROI / Sales.

Loyalty Dashboard

Executive Dashboards showing overall loyalty program performance, dashboards showing predictive analysis and providing dynamic recomendations based on defined rules & logic.

Graphical Trending

Visual Analytics / trends using charts & graphs to get a quick glance at performance ratios, store analytics, product category trends, Consumer Cluster Performance and ROI Analysis.

Quick View Analytics

Get access to vital stats on your loyalty members, loyalty purchases, repeat sales, top member contribution to business & Point – Earn / Burn Analysis.

Detailed Views

Exhaustive customer views defining customer clusters, SKU Performance, Store Performances, Loyalty Tier Movement, Campaign ROi, Fraud Checks, Daily / weekly / Monthly trends and much more in-depth insights.