Consumer Loyalty Mobile App [CLMA]™

Consumer Loyalty Mobile App [CLMA]

Anytime Anywhere Connect With Customers

Consumer Loyalty Mobile App [CLMA]™

Personalised Customer Loyalty Mobile App

Customer Loyalty Mobile App

The loyalty mobile app

Mobile is becoming omni-present. Each relevant consumer is
carrying a smart phone and the penetration is ever increasing.
Mobile apps are being used commonly and the usage is
increasing with every passing day.

Paytm m’Loyal™ mobile app is a branded mobile app of the brand. It allows consumers to see their transaction history, points, messages, notifications, audio / video ads of the brand, access brand social channels, access eligible coupons & rewards. Paytm m’Loyal™ mobile app is mobile commerce enabled allowing consumers to purchase hot selling products of the brand from the app using points or points + cash.

The loyalty customer app runs on all mobile platforms viz: iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows. All brand apps are uploaded in the app store for consumer access.

The app is one stop interface for all consumer / brand interaction. It allows consumers to pay by points, share points, redeem, shop with points and collect more points for all app activity. Brands can use this as an exclusive channel for consumer communication and notifications.

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