Loyalty Rewards Store [LRS]™

Loyalty Rewards Store [LRS]™

Curate Personalized Experiences For Your Top Consumers

Loyalty Rewards Store [LRS]™

Loyalty Partner Network & Rewards Store

Loyalty programs need to move to become privilege programs and then go higher in the value chain to become actual rewards program. Customer lifestyle marketing needs you to go deeper and impact the lifestyle of your top consumers. Identifying their preferences allows you to reward them with items / services that they really value in their day to day life.

Paytm m’Loyal™ rewards store helps build an online / mobile infrastructure for brands

To create a rewards ecosystem by pulling in vouchers / offers from complimentary brand partners or from their own ecosystem. This creates a product category wise listing of brand partner vouchers that are available for your top members to redeem with their points or with points + cash online, on your website/ mobile app. Hence giving your valued consumer much more than discounts on your own products.

Rewards store, rightly structured can turn your loyalty program into much higher value initiative that makes customers stick to the program and tremendously increase referral as the perceptive value becomes great for every consumer.
Paytm m’Loyal™ rewards store is driven by strong analytics of your consumer data. You can create targeted rewards for different customer clusters in your ecosystem. Each customer based on his / her buying pattern & product affinity gets to see customized rewards for his lifestyle and needs.
Paytm m’Loyal™ reward store is available across all smart phone devices, online and on social media, hence engaging customers across channels to create higher value and brand equity for your loyalty initiative.

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