1. Is it possible to capture members from Social media?

Yes, we have widgets that allow members to enroll from social media channels.

2. Can our loyalty members self check their points balance?

Yes, members can self check their loyalty points by simply sending SMS on their short code, the mobile app or the program microsite.

3. What happens if the member loses or changes their mobile number?

All balance points of member can be transferred to a new member by placing a request at any of your store.

4. I have multiple brands under my loyalty program. Can they be supported on the platform?

Yes. The platform has provision to add multiple brands under one umbrella loyalty program with provision to setting up brand wise loyalty logic.

5. Does the platform allow sending campaigns to my loyalty members?

Yes. An integrated campaign manager is provided to slice & dice your customer base based on your preferred filters and instantly send communication.

6. Is it possible to track ROI of my campaigns?

Yes. The platform provides Real Time ROI for all scheduled campaigns from the campaign manager.