Omni-Channel Connectors

Omni-Channel Connectors

Connect All Sales Channels To Loyalty For Higher Repeat

Omni-Channel Connectors

POS / Ecom / Social / Mobile

Real time data capture across channels and customer touch points is critical to capture prospects and consumers across your ecosystem. Paytm m’Loyal™ stitches each of your touch points with already built-in widgets, utilities and software components to ensure every customer touch-point is mapped and is capturing vital customer details for the brand.

omni channel connector

Paytm m’Loyal™ integrates
with your POS

To capture customer details and tag purchases to customer mobile number. This helps track purchase, buying, frequency behaviour patterns and product category usage trends. The platform is compliant with all available POS / mPOS and integrates customer registration, earning / burning of points, rewards & partner mobile couponing seamlessly from your POS.

On social media, Paytm m’Loyal™ widget allows you to convert your likes / shares / posts into recognizable leads and drive real traffic to your stores / online portal from the social media ecosystem. The platform links in your print / offline ad campaigns with relevant tools to allow customer interaction and hence measure effectiveness of your offline campaigns.

Online marketing & remarketing is a unique concept and a large chunk of consumers are today online. Paytm m’Loyal™ enables capturing online activity across relevant sites and invokes customer registration. It further connects consumer activity with loyalty points and rewards for brand engagement.

Paytm m’Loyal™ is compliant with all known online e-commerce engines and integrates seamlessly to capture customer’s online analytics, demographics & tags purchased with customer data to allow points / rewards and loyalty management online. It has built-in widgets to track repeat visitors, purchasers, lapsers and visitor’s visit pattern that help create instant online pop-ups to invoke customer action.