Last Mile Data Capture

BIG Data Acquisition Cloud

An important objective of any company is to capture the 100% share of wallet from all its existing customers. How to effectively and consistently do it is a question that most brand owners need to put a serious thought into. Today, many successful marketing endeavors aimed towards customer retention follow an incentive/reward driven customer loyalty program. The physical format of a loyalty card is gradually fading away into oblivion and being replaced by the much more reliable mobile loyalty platform.

Award winning mobility platforms by MobiQuest can help integrate a robust business intelligence process into your customer loyalty campaigns. Consumer spend levels can be easily tracked and reward programs designed as per consumer clusters instead of rolling out random generic offers.

Seeking answers to the following three pressing questions will bring in the much needed
clarity in strategy making and improve the bottom line of your business:

As a business are we really giving a thought towards knowing our customers?

  • Who are my customers?
  • How frequently are they visiting?
  • How much are they spending?

Answers to these questions can help revamp existing strategies to take the
business to the next level.

Do we have vital insights to identify Top/Bottom performing stores?

Many a times it takes days, weeks and even months to drill-down to the bottom quartile. When your business is on a mobile platform, vital analytics and insights can trickle in real time to

Can my business reduce customer loyalty management overheads and improve ROI?

Cost savings are pretty evident with mobile in the hands of the consumer vis-à-vis
printing, maintenance and distribution of physical loyalty cards. Customers are also a happier lot as they do not have to carry a stack of cards inside their wallet which subsequently reflects via an improved redemption rate.

Case Studies

There was an increase of repeat sale From 18% to 74%

14% increase in Loyalty Sale, Member Enrolment Rate increased by 42%

There was an increase of 73% in the Customer Acquisition rate.