Paytm m’Loyal™is a disruptive technology platform in the mobile loyalty space, enabling retailers and B2C businesses to Acquire, Engage and Reward their customers in the most innovative manner. Paytm m’Loyal™ platform integrates with brand POS and other social, web and mobile channels to capture customers, cluster them based on purchase, frequency, product category usage and drive analytics based campaigns that result in much higher ROI on the marketing expense of the brand.

Paytm m’Loyal™ is a self serve mobile loyalty, data analytics & precision marketing platform that beautifully combines the use of mobile technology, coupled with web based CRM and visual analytics to produce amazing business results for retail brands. The ease of deployment, hassle free SAAS model and fanatic functionality makes it the most desirable tool for marketers to drive huge ROI on their marketing ideas / campaigns / budgets.

The ten infrastructure of Paytm m'Loyal™

  • Customer Acquisition Infrastructure

  • Loyalty & Schemes Engine

  • Campaign Manager & ROI Tracker

  • Real Time Data Analytics Engine

  • Consumer Mobile App

  • Loyalty Rewards Store

  • POS / Web / Social / Mobile Connect

  • Loyalty Branding & Marketing

  • CRM & Member Management

  • Shopper WebLounge

About MobiQuest

MobiQuest was founded in August 2008. The company uses the mobile device to create the largest ecosystem of performance advertising, last mile data capture and data analytics in both digital and offline world.

Millions of consumers today use MobiQuest platforms to be connected with their favorite brands, their dealers, agents, managers and constantly get just the right offers / information anytime, anywhere.

Today more than 390+ brands / companies use MobiQuest platforms to have direct connect with their consumers based on actual real time data coming from their Point of Sales (POS).

Precision marketing or performance advertising is the most influential and effective form of marketing in the current age. Both these are completely dependent on actual purchase triggers coming directly from point of sale. Mapping customer behavior consistently in a scientific manner results in trends that can assure a much higher ROI on your campaigns.