March 22, 2019

Loyalty Programs – Creating a Value Proposition for your Business

A comprehensive customer relationship strategy calls for implementation of an effective loyalty program to acquire, retain and engage your customers in a consistent manner. Today, a loyalty program needs to be tier-based and must focus on lifestyle and purchase pattern of a consumer. Identifying and serving potential high value customers will help increase consumer advocacy. Retailers must make a sincere attempt towards focused marketing instead of just blasting off text and e-mail messages to an unverified database.

Conventional loyalty programs that used to rely heavily on plastic loyalty cards have failed. The arrival of mobile loyalty platforms is a welcome change for the consumer. Instead of carrying a stack of plastic cards inside their wallet, a customer can flash their mobile at the Point of Sale (POS). Such a seamless way of using mobile cards is what the consumers are taking a liking to.

The response rate of mobile driven loyalty platforms has been far better and profitable for retailers, vis-à-vis traditional media campaigns. M’loyal is a next generation loyalty and CRM solution. This robust mobile loyalty platform has propelled personalized and targeted marketing initiatives of marketers and brand managers.

Here are some of the salient features of the M’loyal platform:

Reward points (accumulation & redemption) – Interactive mobile cards can be instantly generated at a POS. A seamless redemption process is a great benefit that adds value to the customer experience.
Mobile advertising – You can engage your customers instantly with the help of SMS advertising, video advertising, discount and schemes. One-on-one communication channels can help a brand communicate directly with its loyal customers.
Mobile coupons – Consumer spending can be immediately rewarded by sending mobile coupons to the customer. The coupons can be linked to loyalty points and customized to meet time bound dispatch to instigate purchase by the consumer.
Reporting – The reporting and analytic capability provided by M’loyal is exhaustive in nature. You can invoke new campaigns targeted at your customer base rallying around the loyalty points. Coupon redemption reports can be tracked and used to enhance the overall mobile loyalty platform.
Engage your customer in a methodical manner to create winning marketing campaigns for your business.

About MobiQuest:
MobiQuest is a leading enterprise mobility solutions company. The company has 2 leading mobility platforms in the market – M’Apps and M’Loyal. M’apps enables last mile data capture using mobile devices. M’loyal is a mobile loyalty platform. MobiQuest is a Mumbai Angels funded start-up, on its growth path. The company today has 75+ large companies using its mobile technology, touching more than 5 million individual phones. Mobiquest has recently started international expansion by setting up local presence in South Africa.

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